Nugget is featured on Puppy Find.com as one representative of the Sheltie breed!!!!

MISTY, A beautiful NUGGET Daughter

Her first litter produced some beautiful puppies!

Ebony at 14 months and Beautiful as ever!! She is now 2 years. Click her picture to watch her grow!!

Ebony is a beautiful little girl and has gorgeous movement!
She is Champion sired by Apple Acres Shocking Blue and Can. Champion mother, Belmark Felicity All That Jazz. A breeding is planned between her and Cody, I am expecting that to be a wonderful cross and I can't wait!!

I have dedicated my life to this wonderful, intelligent breed known as the "Sheltie".
Pictures on this page are just a few examples of the quality and color varieties here at Wynwoods.
Nugget is a "homebred" boy who produces himself very strongly with lovely gorgeous pup's. Three of his offspring are extremly promising!! He is a sable/white also tri factored. You can check him out and watch him grow on his page under "Boy's". 
Nugget carries my old bloodlines that go back to my breeding to A/C Ch. Barwoods Impact to Wynwoods Crystal-N-Satin,and I am forever grateful to Mary of Makat's Kennels for helping me get them back!~!
"Ebony" (above) is a bi-black beautiful girl at just 14 months that I aquired through Bella (Belmark) and she is out of Kerri's (Felicity) breeding's, she is champion sired and damed. She will be also hitting the ring very soon! You can go to "Girls" button to see her grow also just click her picture once you are there.
Enjoy your visit and thank you for choosing Wywnoods to browse around in!
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

These little dog's are very responsive to their owner's and want nothing more in the world than to please. They are outstandingly obedient and excel as agility dog's and ranked among the top on the list in all competitions. Intelligent and with the keen sense to be compassionate to human emotions make them one of the finest breeds to have in your life.
They have an instinctual affection towards children and when raised with a child they will be their forever shadow and loyal protector.
As a house pet the are the best as they housebreak very early and very easily. They like to be clean and will clean and groom themselves like a cat. They do require occasional grooming to keep their coat free from dirt and mats that will develop behind the ears and to keep the hair in check when they do shed approx. once a year when they have been spayed or neutered. Weekly brushing not only keeps them cleaner and makes the coat shiny but it is also a special bonding time for you and your friend.

Luke a Cody and Misty son at 13 months
Luke 13 months

 Member of the Green Bay Shetland Sheepdog Club of Wisconsin

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