Our Dearly Loved Boy's!

I'm in the process of updating the Boy's pictures, therefore they are not all posted yet. I should have it done very soon!!
The pictures will be in order of who was the first boy down to the most recent of the generations I have here.

Our "Balto"  akc reg. name is " Wynwood's The Legend Lives On".
Balto is a wonderful obedient boy and he will smile on command...~~!!~~ He loves to go for walks and be the leader at the front of the trail.
He is the sire to "Dozer" a blue merle boy akc reg. "Wynwood's Bring On The Blues" born Jan/2005\
click "Balto's" picture to be taken to his page with more pictures of him from puppy hood to adult

"Balto" also known as "Bo" or "Bubba"
Balto 2007.jpg
He loves all of his little nicknames~!~

Our VERY SPECIAL Boy, GRIZZ, He is Loved very much
Picture taken 4-29-09 almost 2 years

"GRIZZ" My Handsome homebred boy sired by Nugget,
GRIZZ....He is a one of a kind, personality plus**
He has the making's of a Champion and is gorgeous at just 2 years!!

Click the picture and it will take you to the "Grow Up" page where some of my boy's are as well as some of the girls.
Plus you can see how they grew from babies to adult.
I need to update their pictures as they are more mature now and have filled out in bone and coat.

          " Felicity's Low Ryder O' Wynwood "
                               " RILEY"

Riley is profusely coated and white factored and just over 2 years and proven

Riley is a Champion sired tri male who's sire is BISS Ch. C-Mar Color Code and dam is "Felicity Serenade".
These are his new pictures taken August 5th 2009.
Riley produced his first litter with 9 puppies! He then was used again with another breeders female and they produced 3 puppies, it was a first time mom so that is why I think the litter was small, but then again I am used to large litters. 
Riley would be a great asset as a stud for a breeder who has linebred girls that are dominate for producing themselves, or for someone that wants agility plus a Best in Specials Champion sired breeding male.
He has such a clownish personality and can he jump!! He is very outgoing and as friendly as can be and he passes this on to his offspring. His zest for life will brighten your day with his cute little antics. He is never fearful and takes everything head on with tail held high (not really, just an expression).
Contact me if you are seriously interested in using him for stud and I will provide updated pix and more info.
Riley is standing at stud here at Wynwoods along with his sire Biss Champion C-Mar Color Code "Cody" and my other boy's as well, you will have to take a look to see which one you would prefer and the one I feel would compliment your girl.
So if you have a nice pretty girl with a pedigree to enhance any of the boy's, feel free to contact me. I do require the female to be of very good quality and to have proper testing's done prior to breeding.


 Member of the Green Bay Shetland Sheepdog Club of Wisconsin

*** Please Note that buyer's are responsible for all PayPal fee's or any other charges inquired to the purchase of their Sheltie****

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