I waited 15 years for this little guy. He is my 4th generation after starting back into serious breeding again. 
I would like to see a little more maturity on him before I put him in the ring, although I was told that he would do great right now the way he is. We will see what this winter bring's for him, maybe early 2008.
Nugget really didn't go through the "uglies" stage as so many do, he just kept improving. I thought for sure when he hit his first year birthday that all his hair was going to just fall off, but it didn't. He lost only a minor amount of coat, enough to know he was going through his yearly "blow out", but not bad at all.
I hope his kid's mature the way he did, it sure would make thing's a whole lot easier to predict.
Update:.......He is starting his "blowout" now at 17 months!!
I will keep praying he won't go through this with a total loss of hair!!
But if he does oh well........we will have to sit it out.......
but then again there is his daughter who is looking VERY promising!!

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Notice the cat eye's over his shoulder's?
My Pride and Joy!!! 2 years and what a sweet face!

The moment of birth, weighed 5.8oz.

Quality was apparent at birth. He had a nice square blocky head. And although you can't see it in this newborn picture he had great fill of underjaw.  He has a nice short body and back and the leg's were not long little toothpicks. He has always carried alot of bone for his frame without being too much.

Nugget at about 4 weeks

4 weeks you can see the ears are still down to far on the sides of the head, they will move up higher on the head as he grows but eye's have the very sweet look and underjaw is nicely filled as well as good amount of bone for this age. Although you cannot see it, his body remained short with a nice short back, he is a compact little guy.

At 11 weeks

Then look what 2 months can bring at 6 months He is out of balance but in a very pretty puppy bloom.

Then at 10 months, he just continues to fill out.

WOW..Look how much he gained in substance between 11 weeks and 14 weeks!!

7 months, what happened to the bone?

 Member of the Green Bay Shetland Sheepdog Club of Wisconsin

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