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A Tribute with an Important Message!

"I believe thing's come into our live's for a reason and sometimes they are taken out of our lives for reason's we may never know or understand at the time, but if you look real close you might find the answer, painful as it may be, it happened for a reason.
The time I had with these puppies was special and they will be in my heart and hold a very special place in my soul forever."
I am dedicating this page to my 5 little angels who lost a battle to the dreaded parvo virus. Even though they had vaccinations under their belt and were 5 months old, it still is not a surity of 100% protection. There is alot of talk that we are in the beginning's of a new strain and the vaccination's we currently have available to us are not effective against it. This link will take you to just one example in Pennsylvania  telling how this virus is on the rise with higher than normal cases with many veterinarians state wide.
This virus is deadly to puppies and young dog's with over a 60% fatality rate. Out of  the 9 that were affected, 7 were puppies and 2 were 13 months old. I had 4 survivors with Muskette and Taiter as the puppies and both of my 13 month olds!  So please when you have a puppy take extreme measures to not allow much traffic in your environment and do not take the puppy to parks, walks down city streets, family picnic's etc; until they have had a series of 4 vaccinations 3 weeks apart starting at 6 or 8 weeks and another booster at 5 months, 6 months at the latest! That final booster is a VERY important one!!!  This is part of my new vaccination schedule, let your Vet. determine the correct vaccination schedule for your puppy or young adult! In my opinion any dog under 2 years is at risk!
Only after the last booster would I feel fairly safe in outside exposure to the puppy! Keep in mind by "outside" exposure I mean anyone coming into your home or yard also can bring in the virus, be it on their shoes, clothing etc. and other animals including cats can transfer it to your yard. This minor inconvenience could save the life of your new little friend!! Not to mention the horrible suffering of pain these puppies indure, it rips at your stomach and your heart!
Maybe I may sound  a little "paranoid" to some of you and you bet I am!! This is an awful nasty deadly disease  This evil virus does not discriminate, anyone at anytime can be affected, it has only one mission and it is to "search and destroy", it is programmed to kill.....period!!
                                 So please keep your puppy safe
                    Protect him until he is Protected!!!
The pictures of the 5 puppies were very painful for me to post here, but I have to give them the recognition they so very much deserve! They each have a special place in my heart forever. Each one had a unique personality and charm all their own.
They will be missed dearly!

My Little Darling's

This page is dedicated to those precious puppies as well as to my dear friend Dinah who was there every step of the way through all of this. She was my support system and if not for her help and friendship I would not have the survivors I have!
I am forever grateful to her and for being my dear friend.
So Thank You Dinah for all that you did you are a true friend with a heart of gold and everyone should be so lucky to have a friend in their lives like you!
Your Friends,
Tana, Muskette, Taiter, Misty and Grizzly

 Member of the Green Bay Shetland Sheepdog Club of Wisconsin

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