Important Information if you have horses!!

~The Price of A Puppy is a small price to pay
~~for a loving and loyal friend~~
~~each and everyday~~
by Tana

These babies are and example of the type of puppies here at Wynwoods, none of these are available.

Wynwood babies pictured here at 4 weeks....
These babies were out of Grizz and Muskette and all have found wonderful homes.
Stryker is being grown out here but I have decided I must place him as I have too many boy's and that leads to too many arguments over the lady's. He is a wonderful young puppy and beautiful as ever, if you are interested please feel free to contact me about further information on him.


    *Inquiries Always Welcome ! ! *

Important Information if you have horses!!



Grizz  the sire .jpg
Proud Daddy

BEARON 8 Weeks and 7 3/4 in
BEARON 8 weeks
NOT AVAILABLE.................

Bearon 8 weeks

BEARON 8 weeks doing the "head tilt " :)
BEARON 8 weeks.jpg

STRIKER 8 Weeks and 7 1/2 in.
Striker 8 weeks
NOT AVAILABLE............

STRIKER 8 Weeks and 7 1/2 in.
STRIKER 8 Weeks.jpg

Dam ***Muskette***
first litter and she was a wonderful mom!

SNICKERS 8 Weeks and 7 1/4 in.
Snickers 8 weeks.jpg
Still Pending my decision...........

SNICKERS 8 weeks
SNICKERS 8 weeks.jpg

LI'L BEAR 8 weeks abd 7 in.
LI'L BEAR 8 weeks.jpg

Phone calls are a must before you make a visit here to Wynwood's to see the puppies.
By all meansYou are welcome to email me to inquire about one of them but I really must get a phone call conversation before a visit. I do my best to pair up the right puppy with the right person, but then a lot of the time after the buyers come here the puppy is the one that actually "picks" their person and it has always worked out and was meant to be.
As I have said, these little dog's are very smart and especially intuitive to humans, and our emotions!!!
All my puppies are started or finished with their vaccination's. They are started on housebreaking and will be crate trained. they have house manners and know what "let's go outside" means. they also know when I say "Momma has new toy's" and "who wants a chewie". They are house members, an extension of my family, so they are talked to as if they are human so they get to understand alot of words. They are very smart. They also know to go into their "beds" when it is supper time and they do it very happily, their crates are NEVER ever used as a punishment! They to will be quite and lay still until I get up for the day. As long as I am resting they will rest, they watch my eye's and god forbid if I open one
                (~) (0)    
The price of my puppies is $800 including AKC papers, vaccination history so all you have to do is take them home get them used to their new family and love and enjoy them ;) 
I have sold many puppies that are considered "older puppies" under one year of age and have had great results with the age! These will have been puppies I had retained here to "grow out" for possible show prospects so most of them are already trained in the house and in "life" in general. They are mentally stable and healthy and most importantly well socialized and happy!
The buyers always tell me that if they are to get another dog it will be an older puppy because it worked out so beautifully for them, both human and dog!
I plan on posting references from them in the near future.

           **PLEASE READ**
I had this experience and thought I should share this with all that come across my website or who buy one of my shelties or for anyone that has a herding type breed dog.
To me this is Very Important information
if you own Horses !!! 
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*** Please Note that buyer's are responsible for all PayPal fee's or any other charges inquired to the purchase of their Sheltie****

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