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Last Years Champion Sired Puppies

The puppies pictured below are NOT the new puppies. I have the pictures up of these puppies that were sired by:
BISS CH. C-Mar Color Code "Cody"
Wynwood's Mystical Shadow Chaser "Misty"
to showcase the quality and look that I produce.
These puppies have all found their wonderful loving homes and I have kept one boy Luke and Penny is co owned with Tina Adornato.
Penny will be bred for producing the AOAC's color varieties. I am hoping to get some beautiful blue merles out of her and tri's, and maybe if she is paired up with a bi factored male then we have the possiblity for bi blacks and bi blues, so this will be a very exciting future litter!

Luke at 10 weeks
Luke at 10 weeks

This is "PENNY" a Sweet Adorable Girl, "Potential"
PENNY 5 weeks
NOT Available

This gorgeous boy "Regal" named by his new owner
Regal at  5 weeks.jpg
Thanks Sharon and Hubby, she said that there could not be a more wonderful match than Regal is.

This girl is Chelsea and is LOVED very much!
Chelsea, 5 weeks
Chelsea is adored by her new family and new buddy Tyler

Finally my little baby "SIMBA", He is SPECIAL!!!!!
SIMBA, 5 weeks
He will be staying here at Wynwoods

BISS Am. Ch. C-Mar-Color Code
Champion Daddy "Cody"
There is a reason why this guy is a "Specials" Champion and it is his outstanding movement and charm

"Wynwoods Shadow Chaser" Momma Misty
Misty on May 2nd 2009
Such a beautiful girl with outstanding structure and an awesome personality and temperament!

This beautiful girl has been sold!!
This Girl is SOLD
She is now called "Woobie Jean" by her new wonderful owners Patti & Tiger,

This Boy is "LUKE", and boy do I LIKE him!!!!!!
LUKE, 5 weeks.jpg

DOB: May 7th- 2009
Breed: Shetland Sheepdog ( Sheltie )
Wynwoods Shelties, breeder/owner: Tana Holderbaum

Sire BISS CH. C-Mar Color Code Sire CH. Prinhill Jazzbo Sire Prinhill Cool Jazz Sire CH. Shadow Hill's Jazz On Prinhill Sire Am/Can. CH. Macdega The Piano Man (ROM,ROMC)
Dam Am. CH. Shadow Hill's Sunrise
Dam Prinhill's Dreamer (CD) Sire Am. CH. Ridgeside Prime Time
Dam Prinhill's Spring Blizzard
Dam Prinhill Alabaster Lace Sire BIS BISS Am CH. Shadow Hill's Jazz On Prinhill Sire Am/Can. CH. Macdega The Piano Man (ROM,ROMC)
Dam Am. CH. Shadow Hill's Sunrise
Dam Macdega Almost Paradise Sire Am. CH. Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix (ROM,ROMC)
Dam Candray Jasmine
Dam CH. C-Mar Color Me Softly Sire CH. Lynmarr's Midnight Caller Sire Lynmarr's Desperado (HC) Sire Am. CH. Starhaven's Black Flame
Dam Starhaven's Clearwater Revival
Dam Merrylea's Ebony N Ivory Sire Am. CH. Glenwood Puttin' On The Ritz (ROM)
Dam Bonny Wee Nichole (CD,HC)
Dam CH. B'Fields True Colors (CD) Sire CH. Banchory Peerless (ROMC) Sire Am. CH. Bachory Feel My Thunder
Dam Tall Timber Teresa
Dam B' Field what About Me Sire Am/Can.CH. Macdega Maserati (ROM)
Dam Am. CH. B'Field Cryst'l Blu Persuasion (ROM)
Dam Wynwood's Mystical Shadow Chaser Sire Wynwood's Gold Nugget Sire Wynwood's Bring On The Blues Sire Wynwood's The Legend Lives On Sire Tanner's Little Buddy Boo
Dam Makat's Give It To Me Wynwoods
Dam Makat's Give It To Me Wynwoods Sire Singer's Midnight Shadow
Dam Maglen's Wind Dancer
Dam Makat's Gift To Wynwoods Sire Makat's Hifaluton Sire Am/CH. Barwood's Typesetter O' Gor-Don
Dam Barwood's Serenity
Dam Makat's Show Me The Money Sire Am/Can. CH. Sandcastle Special Fortune
Dam Peper Spice ( A Makats Dog)
Dam Makat's Gift To Wynwoods Sire Makat's Hifaluton Sire CH. Barwoods Typesetter O'Gor-Don Sire CH. Daval Triple Play (ROM)
Dam Barwood's Serenity
Dam Makat's Show Me The Money Sire Am/Can.CH. Sandcastle Special Fortune
Dam Peper Spice ( A Makat's Dog)
Dam Hevonleigh's No Greater Love (6am pts) Sire Am/Can.CH. Ross Roi's Ballistic Missle Sire Am/Can. CH. Ross Roi's Son Of A Gun (ROMC)
Dam Valamar's Answered Prayer ( A Wynwoods Pup)
Dam Twin Cedar's Sinfully Sweet Sire Am. Can.CH. Karylyn Ross Roi Remington (ROMC)
Dam Kincardine Bronzworth Cadenza (Am ptd )
(Created on

Me and my crew!

My babies are birthed in my bedroom and they get to know human scent from the moment they take their first breath. They are handled all the time. They are kept clean as cleanlinous is critical for the health of thepuppies! 
They are raised with my 13 year old son and they absolutly adore him! He has a "way" with dog's, they respect him and he can teach them a command very quickly. He has unknowingly taught the puppies to love and trust older children, and that is a big plus when placing older puppies into a home with kid's and teenagers!!
The puppies are raised with many different types of animals from cat's to large birds (Parrots) and they know to stay away from those parrots.
I teach the puppies from the time they can follow along to walk with me.  I have heard horror stories of shelties getting scarred and running off to never be seen again,  I never want that to happen with one of mine so I do all I can do to teach them to trust you when you call them to come when called.
Puppies will have had routine worming's, vaccinations up to date, dew claws removed (front and back). They will also most likely have already began crate training and if they are older than 8 weeks they will start to get the idea of what "going outside" means.
If available they will go home with their current food for transition to what you will be feeding, or you will be informed of what the food is so as to make sure they don't get any intestinal problems by feeding a different food than they are used to.  AKC papers will be given upon receipt of their spay/neuter certificate from your veterinarian, unless puppy was sold as breeding/show.
I offer lifetime support on all the shelties that I sell. I will always be there for any questions you have on one of my dog's or any dog for that matter.
I offer grooming at a very reasonable fee but I will help you along if you want to do it yourself.
If you buy a puppy I will help with "ear training" if the need should arise.
I am there for just about everything, I do not shut the door once you buy a sheltie from me!
I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, welcome as many updates and photo's that you want to supply to me!! It is so very important for me to see my puppies as they mature as it tells me so many thing's about that particular breeding. Plus I get to see how beautiful they turned out and brag them up!

 Member of the Green Bay Shetland Sheepdog Club of Wisconsin

*** Please Note that buyer's are responsible for all PayPal fee's or any other charges inquired to the purchase of their Sheltie****

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