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I decided to put this page up as a word of extra caution for anyone that owns horses and dog's, especially the herding type dog's like our sheltie's as they are the one's more likely to nip at the heels or chase behind a horse.

There were angels with him that day!

Grizz 4 months day of horse kick

Scroll down and you can see what he looks like today at 2 years when the picture was taken this year.

This is my Grizz after receiving a blow to his face from the back hoof of a horse when he was only 4 months old, back in October of 2007. I wanted to share this for anyone that has horses, even if they are the most gentle animal and have never kicked before, they are still unpredictable. I have no doubt that anyone reading this that does have horses is already being cautious but I just want to put this up as a reminder of what can happen even with the most docile of horses.
I used to have horses too and I was always cautious when the shelties were around them but never did I think something like this could happen. In fact my German Shepherd {Sadi} whom I loved dearly would go alongside the horse everytime I went on a trail ride, she was my soul mate. Unfortunately she lost her life, not from a horse, but from a car while she was chasing after a rabbit, by the way she loved eating the wild one's and boy could she catch them!, The horse never kicked her but if I were to own horses now I would have more fear of those hooves while my dog's were around them after seeing first hand what can happen .
My landlord/neighbor owned this horse as well as 2 other's and she said,   -quote- " That horse is not a kicker, and never has kicked at the dog's or us".
Hopefully this won't happen to any other puppy or dog as it ripped my heart out sitting with him all night holding him and putting cold compress' on his face and  hearing him cry from the horrible pain he was going through.
I still wonder to this day how this 4 month old puppy lived through that. He has no impairment mentally nor did he have any broken facial bones, he was LUCKY!! Unfortunate for me because he was going to be my FIRST sheltie to start back in the show ring again and now I can't because he has scars in different areas of his face from the massive swelling he underwent. But I don't care, at least I still have him and I can't wait till he sire's his first litter! I want me some baby Grizzly Cubs!!...  :) 
It took over a month and a half, closer to 2 months for the swelling to go away, but the scars never did. He is one special boy and he goes everywhere with me, now HE is my soul mate!

By the way, the 2 puppies in the background of this page are of Grizz and his sister Misty who is behind Grizz at about 8 weeks........

And how Grizz looks now......
a very hansom and special, special, boy!!.

Grizz a Nugget son

Grizz 2yrs

 Member of the Green Bay Shetland Sheepdog Club of Wisconsin

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